Pop Bottle Rockets

Mark and CharlieThe last two weeks our class haas been working on pop bottle rockets. You take an empty two liter bottle, add a tagboard nose cone, and cardboard fins. At first, nobody’s rocket seemed to do well, including mine. But my partner and I added a four inch PVC piping tube into the nose cone, and that seemed to do the trick. Our rocket, with a little bit of water in the bottle shot upwards for 3.47 seconds before its descent! Of course, when it crashed into the parking lot, nose cone first, the cone was destroyed. We launched it twice more to no avail. It just didn’t shoot up like that first time. So bottom line: add PVC piping and make sure the nose cone doesn’t have any tears in it.

Guitar Heaven!!!

I love playing my guitars. I have two, an electric-acoustic 12 string, and an electric PRS Custom. The PRS is an AMAZING  guitar for a great price. A $580 guitar with the quality and craftmanship of a $1,000 Gibson Les Paul. The sustain is way better than a Les Paul, also the tone is better, but that’s just preference. The 12 string was $27o, and I don’t think I could have gotten a better price for it. It could have easily sold for $500, so I consider myself pretty lucky. I got them both at Guitar Center, just in case you’re wondering, and I personally think it’s the best guitar store with the widest selection of guitars, and the best price around.

Lego Robots

The robot we've been playing with for the past couple of weeks

The robot we've been playing with for the past couple of weeks

For the past few weeks, I’ve been playing with Lego MindStorms Robots with my partner and it’s a whole lot of fun. It was pretty hard at first, with the programming, but I’m no engineer. After about a week, we got the hang of it, but my partner, lousmi, was better than me. A lot better.

I learned how to program machines, in an easy and beginner sort of way. I also learned how to fix mistakes (a lot of them) and to experiment with things. Another I learned was how to split jobs when I’m working in groups.

If I got the chance to do it over, I would probably experiment more with different sensors and speeds. I would probably try to make the robot flush a toilet like what I saw on YouTube. You should definitely check it out. It’s awesome.

Here’s the link.